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Full Phone System Routing with Unlimited Nationwide Calling Looking for a service that provides the functionality of a business grade Virtual PBX service along with actual phone lines for your home or office? Simply your communications with RingCentral Office and connect all of your communication under one solution. Get each phone line for as little as $24.99 per month per user. No risk 30-day trials are available.

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Get a Second Phone Number

We've taken the time to research and find the top places you can get a second phone number. A second phone number adds a phone line to any of your existing phones. So when someone calls your second phone number, you can have any of your phones ring (home phone, cell phone, business phone). You can even have your second phone number ring your home phone first, and if you don't answer, ring your cell phone and have your voicemail pickup if you don't answer your cell phone. Your second phone number has its own voicemail and call history, so you can separate calls and voicemail messages that come in on your second phone number from calls and voicemail messages that come in on your regular voicemail.

Compare the top providers of second phone numbers.

Types of Second Phone Numbers

There are three main types of second phone numbers. You can either get a local number, an 800 number, or a toll free number (866, 877, 888). Second phone number providers typically charge a monthly fee for an allotted number of minutes but give you a local or toll free number to use as your second phone number for free. 800 numbers generally cost additional due to their scarcity.

Top Places to Get a Second Phone Number

The top places to get a second phone number are through virtual PBX services. Virtual PBX services (also known as hosted PBX, virtual phone systems, and virtual phone service) give you a second phone number, an included number of monthly minutes, voicemail, and access to many other features.